Can we start to give rather than take, take, take.

It seems like we’re all expecting so much from the world these days. We’re more obsessed with what we can get rather than what we can give.

I’ve been thinking for quite some time of what I can do to “help” and not in a lazy way but in a hands on lets make some changes kind of a way.

I’ve worked amongst many charities and I love helping in an ambassadorial role but I feel like I want to go one step further. I want to work with people. I want to listen to them, I want to sit with them. The issue here is this is not that simple.

I’ve tried to connect with a few charities and its so hard to get in the door without a degree in social work or psychology.

I would love to offer my time to work with the mentally ill or women that are victims of domestic abuse. I feel like both of those charities lack funding and support. Even though my mother lost her battle to cancer I feel like cancer has a lot of funding and support and my time could be utilised in a more useful way.

I would love to hear if you have any experience or ideas that could help me and others that are interested in reaching out to give our time.

Thank you all x

New blog  means more of what you want.

New blog means more of what you want.

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I’m sitting here, 2 glasses of red wine in my belly to soothe my nerves. I apologise for the spelling and grammar, as you all know it’s not my strong point, especially after a couple of wines. Tomorrow is my first day at KIIS and I feel like it’s my first day of school. I’m nervousContinue Reading

Who’s driving??

Who’s driving??

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Getting my body ready for the new year

Getting my body ready for the new year

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Your man isn’t supposed to be your everything

Its taken me a while to figure this out but your man or woman, lover, bae- whatever, isn’t supposed to fulfil all your needs. I was disappointed for quite some time wanting Benj to be my spiritual and emotional equal. We are very different and I love him with every bit of me but heContinue Reading

Calling out some s**t

Calling out some S**T So I thought its time to say what everyone is thinking when it comes to plus size models, botox and cellulite. First point: Seems that all the celebrities are loving full figured women and posting pictures of them on social media yet still use photo shop to instagram pictures of themselves.Continue Reading

Inspiring women: Rae Morris

Inspiring women: Rae Morris

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Fitspo, inspo, thinspo, bullshitspo

I have to break it down for the very impressionable young women who scroll through their social media and see images of sexual, curvaceous women posing in their bikinis, or super slim, thigh gap beauties posting in their work out gear or the fitness freaks who have muscles where we didn’t know muscles existed. ThisContinue Reading

All my friends are f*cked

It’s true all my friends are f*cked. All of them. I don’t have any normal friends. They’re all misfits, all a little bit nuts. I think it’s because I’m not normal and I find it hard to connect with people who are too sane. My misfits have had a hell of a past, mostly from broken homes,Continue Reading