Your man isn’t supposed to be your everything

Its taken me a while to figure this out but your man or woman, lover, bae- whatever, isn’t supposed to fulfil all your needs.

I was disappointed for quite some time wanting Benj to be my spiritual and emotional equal. We are very different and I love him with every bit of me but he doesn’t want to philosophise over the meaning of life with me. Nor does he want to detox or meditate. For a while I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t even “Try” I was upset and frustrated but over time it started to sink in.

He is blokey and low maintenance and that’s what I fell in love with. He is the ying to my yang.

I realised I have friends that I can share my love of metaphysics and travel with. I have friends that will be honest if my outfit is crazy or more importantly if my behaviour to my husband is crazy.Continue Reading

Calling out some s**t

Calling out some S**T So I thought its time to say what everyone is thinking when it comes to plus size models, botox and cellulite. First point: Seems that all the celebrities are loving full figured women and posting pictures of them on social media yet still use photo shop to instagram pictures of themselves.Continue Reading

Inspiring women: Rae Morris

Inspiring women: Rae Morris

Rae you are one of Australia’s best make up artists. Apart from your incredible skill what do you think has made you so successful as a MUA?   I don’t think I’m that good, and my honest opinion, (my husband will kill me for admitting it publically) but because of my insecurity, I just pushContinue Reading

Fitspo, inspo, thinspo, bullshitspo

I have to break it down for the very impressionable young women who scroll through their social media and see images of sexual, curvaceous women posing in their bikinis, or super slim, thigh gap beauties posting in their work out gear or the fitness freaks who have muscles where we didn’t know muscles existed. ThisContinue Reading

All my friends are f*cked

It’s true all my friends are f*cked. All of them. I don’t have any normal friends. They’re all misfits, all a little bit nuts. I think it’s because I’m not normal and I find it hard to connect with people who are too sane. My misfits have had a hell of a past, mostly from broken homes,Continue Reading

Vietnamese Chicken by Dietlicious

Vietnamese Chicken by Dietlicious

This low calorie highly nutritious dish is one of my favourites by Dietlicious. They never EVER give away their secret recipes but I some how sweet talked them into sharing with you all my favourite Vietnamese Chicken dish. IngredientsContinue Reading

The homeless man and me.

I have always had a fascination with the homeless, the homeless and prostitutes. How did they get there? Did they choose this life? Are they happy? There are millions of questions I have for them. There is always an element that I want to save them… Then I think how ignorant Zoe, they may notContinue Reading

Support. Grief. Love

I spent the day with a very close friend who experienced a huge loss yesterday. I stayed with her through the whole experience. Her grief was deep. It’s impossible to not  be moved by someones grief that is close to you. I was very sad. I felt touched that I was allowed to be involved. ItContinue Reading

Soy candles vs paraffin candles

Soy candles vs paraffin candles

A few weeks ago I posted my favourite candles. Shortly after I was bombarded by emails informing me about 2 candles that I put on my “love list” which are actually made from paraffin wax and it was explained to me how toxic these are. I was shocked even embarrassed that I  blogged about theseContinue Reading

Hiba’s 100 calorie banana bread

Hiba’s 100 calorie banana bread

Hello heaven.. I love banana bread.. It is absolutely delicious and one of my all time favourite cafe snacks. The versions you buy in store are full of refined sugar, preservatives and yukky fats. This version makes me happy.  It is moist, delicious and wholesome. High in protein, fibre and wholegrains, there are less thanContinue Reading