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I have to break it down for the very impressionable young women who scroll through their social media and see images of sexual, curvaceous women posing in their bikinis, or super slim, thigh gap beauties posting in their work out gear or the fitness freaks who have muscles where we didn’t know muscles existed.

This isn’t about shaming all those women, this is about informing young girls and women that to achieve these bodies = a very boring, repetitive and unrealistic life.

I have sat for dinner with many of these women, been to social events with them and the one thing they all have in common is that life becomes very high maintenance. They pack their own food for lunches, can’t snack on canapés and there is never an alcoholic beverage in sight.

Unless of course its a glass of red (health benefits) or a vodka lime and soda (64 cals).

To achieve these bodies takes

A: Working out everyday sometimes twice a day and I’m talking hard core.. No Zumba

B: Meal prep every week and extremely strong will power. Social meals are usually limited to sashimi and grilled chicken.

C: Confidence to post pictures of themselves rolling around in the sand at the local beach

I know this because I’ve tried to achieve bodies just like these girls. I’ve done it all. All the “eating plans” Atkins, South beach, Paleo, Clean and lean, Pure protein.

The biggest diet secret is: don’t eat anything fun. NOTHING that contains a carbohydrate (unless its sweet potato or quinoa) God help you if you want to try the karaage  (japanese fried chicken) at the new dining hot spot.

I don’t know if this sounds like a rant. I just want to lift the lid on the bullshit. These girls aren’t just genetically blessed. They are committed to looking sexy, fit, thin..

For me personally I’ve come to terms (very slowly) that no matter what, I will never get to wear hot pants like Kylie Minogue in “Spinning around”.

I have cellulite and I don’t want to people to judge me when I’m dancing so I don’t wear hot pants and at the beach I cover the backs of my thighs with a sarong.

Am I being ridiculous? Maybe. But only because society and social media have made us all feel like we need to look like a Miss Universe contestant before we head to the beach.

No matter how much Zumba I do or how little carbs I eat I will always have the same figure.. Slightly more toned when I have the self control but generally by Thursday 4pm I’m ready for wine and cheese.

My life is about living, experiences and joy and that comes from me sharing meals with my friends, opening bottles of pinot and laughing all night. Its a constant battle on Monday morning, having to shame myself for “letting go and indulging” but by the time Thursday rolls around again and I have substituted real pasta for skinny pasta and taco shells for lettuce leaves, my inner joy is screaming for a good time.

So to all the women that are others womens fitspo, thinspo and inspo I raise my french champagne to you and your commitment, your will power and your gorgeous physiques. I will be over here in my sarong if any one wants to share a burrito.




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